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Digital Retina Scan takes less than one second and eliminates blurry vision from having your eyes
dilated with drops.

To make an appointment for a digital retinal scan or to see the doctor about your vision questions, call us at 650-570-5955 and experience first-hand, Optometry with Vision.

Borel Eye Doctors was the first eyecare practice, in both San Francisco and San Mateo counties, in 2002 to give patients instant digital scans of their retinas. Optomap's cutting-edge technology, with just the simple click of a button, has virtually replaced the outdated practice of using dilation drops.

Nobody liked those stinging dilation drops or the blurry vision afterwards. Not to mention wearing those goofy sunglasses for light sensitivity. All of that is history now. For almost all of our current patients, dilation is a thing of the past. Our full-color, ultra-wide digital retinal scanning makes the exam faster, easier and much more pleasant.

In an instant we can detect diseases, disorders but most importantly we verify when everything is looking healthy. You will see your own retina on a color monitor and our doctors will give you an instant and interactive evaluation.

In an effort to provide the most thorough eye exam, our practice has incorporated the iWellnessExam SD-OCT retinal scan. Like an MRI of the eye, but taking only seconds to perform, the iWellnessExam provides high def cross sections of your retina and optic nerve. These scans can reveal signs of disease in exquisite detail that are invisible to traditional examination methods. Our high-resolution, high-speed imaging takes your eye exams to a whole new level. You will be captivated by the stunning detail and invaluable insight our office can provide!

It's completely safe, FDA approved, and a ..."fascinating, pleasant and speedy experience" as one of our patients said.

Why postpone your eye exam, when you can some see us today? We look forward to seeing you soon!

Borel Eye Doctors first to offer new machine eliminating blurry, dilated eyes during optical exams.

The $66 fee for both scans is typically not covered by vision insurance.

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