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Dr. Marcie Arnesty-Olian

Computerized Retinal Scanning is used to achieve a high level of accuracy without
having to have your eyes dilated.

Eye Exams in San Mateo

A Routine Visit at Borel Eye Doctors

Borel Eye Doctors takes pride in providing the most thorough eye exams for our patients. Whether it's your first eye exam in yours, or you have your eyes examined regularly, you'll feel right at home in our practice. We've served residents from San Mateo, the San Francisco Peninsula and the Bay area since 1987.

With the incorporation of our digital retinal scanning, the high-resolution, high-speed imaging takes your examination to a whole new level. Each of our friendly, patient and knowledgeable doctors are interested in your ocular health and are here for your eyecare needs.

Eye Exams include:

  • Patient lifestyle, work habits, computer-use and eye health discussed
  • Visual analysis and Refraction
  • Health check of eyes for glaucoma and other eye diseases
  • Diagnosis determined
  • Spectacle prescription determined and provided
  • Peripheral-vision test
  • Retinal examination via digital scan testing
  • Doctor evaluations, review and recommendations

Contact Lens services include:

  • Specializing in solving contact lens problems
  • Best prescription and contact lens is determined for each patient
  • Contact lens training, cleaning and proper maintenance
  • Updating contact lens prescriptions for current contact lens wearers
  • Re-fitting on patients wanting to change lenses (e.g.: patient wears a monthly lens, but wishes to change to a daily disposable)
  • Cleaning and polishing of hard and gas permeable contact lenses
  • Contact lens fittings are by licensed OD’s for all types of lenses

Computer Vision Services Available:

  • Determination of computer prescrition for intermediate distance~ The viewing distances and angles associated with using a computer require certain focusing and eye movement needs which are separate from distance and reading vision prescriptions.
  • Computer Vision Syndrome: Functional testing is needed to determine digital display stress. We are testing for~ refractive error, eye health, binocular vision, accommodative ranges (to name a few) and will carefully evaluate results to determine diagnosis.
  • Ergonomic and visual expertise with regard to CVS. We can educate you to correct environment or habits for proper posture, arm support, shoulder pain prevention and proper material placement to prevent constant head movement from material to computer screen (as a few examples).
  • Frame selection and dispensing of occupational and computer use spectacles. These specs may include lens tints or coatings to ease digital display viewing.

To make an appointment for a comprehensive eye examination featuring the “no dilation retinal scan” or to see the doctor about your vision questions, call us at 650-570-5955 and experience first-hand, Optometry with Vision. If you're in the San Francisco Peninsula or the Bay area, our office in San Mateo is just minutes away!

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