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VSP Network Doctor

Borel Eye Doctors accepts VSP® (Vision Service Plan) Insurance, Medicare, and EYEMED (Access Plans Only). For these plans, we can process billing directly. If you have another insurance provider, we can provide you with an itemized receipt to submit for reimbursement.

Insurance we accept for Office Visits:

* VSP® (Vision Service Plan)- Primary Eyecare Benefit
* Medicare for those over the age of 65
* Blue Cross of California- Anthem Blue Cross PPO
* Blue Shield / Blue Shield of California
* Cigna
* United Healthcare Ins / AARP
* Tricare For Life

Vision Insurance we accept for Eye exams:

* VSP® (Vision Service Plan)
* Eyemed (Access Plans ONLY)

Using Medical Insurance towards eye examinations:

You may have checked your primary medical insurance and found that we are on your provider list. There are some things you may want to know prior to scheduling your appointment for an eye examination:

Some medical insurances only contribute to the coverage of the medical health and wellness portions of the exam for a fee or copay. This service includes: Health status of the visual system evaluation: Vision analysis by external and internal examination. Also, papillary reflex and extraocular muscle assessment; check depth perception and visual field test; Determination of eye health (check infection/disease); glaucoma test; computerized peripheral vision test.

What patients may not know is, some medical insurances do not provide any contributing coverage toward the REFRACTION. This is the service in which the doctor will determine your eyeglass prescription, and usually is your main reason for wanting to come in and see us. Some medical insurances also may not cover any portion of contact lens fitting services to determine or update a contact lens prescription. This may be an out-of-network service for your insurance, a separate fee from the health and wellness eye exam. Also note, materials such as glasses, contacts and prescription sunglasses may also be out-of-network.

For these reasons, we recommend contacting your insurance company to inquire about your eligibility of benefits and what their contribution will or will not be prior to making an appointment for a visit to our office. Payment will be due at the time of service and this will help with benefit clarity of coverage.

We are providers for:

* Medicare only if it is the primary, with supplemental of:
* BCBS, Cigna, UHC, AARP, USAA, Tricare, Life ins, State Farm

We do NOT take these insurance plans, for any reason, as we are out of network:

* Secure Horizons- even if the patient has Medicare, this insurance is the primary, it precedes the Medicare, so we are out of network. Cash due.
* Medi-CAL: this insurance is the primary, it also precedes the Medicare, so we are out of network. Cash due.
* Health Care Plan of San Mateo- this is Medi-CAL: we don’t accept
* Anything that is an HMO: Aetna, Kaiser, Mills Peninsula, Sutter Health, HealthNet, Palo Alto Medical Foundation

Note***IF DEDUCTIBLES FOR THESE INSURANCE PLANS HAVE NOT BEEN MET when we bill for services, our fees will be applied to any of the patient insurance deductible that has not yet been met. We may be owed in full for those services. It is the patient responsibility to determine if their deductibles have been met prior to services with us.

We welcome new and returning patients, their families, friends and business colleagues. To make an appointment for a comprehensive eye examination featuring the “no dilation retinal scan” or to see the doctor about your vision questions, call us at 650-570-5955 and experience first-hand, Optometry with Vision.


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