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San Mateo, Calif. -- May 7, 2002
Local optometrist first to offer new machine eliminating blurry, dilated eyes during optical exams

Borel Eye Doctors is the first eye-care practice in both San Francisco and San Mateo counties to give their patients instant digital scans of their retinas with a simple click of button, replacing dilation drops which cause eye blurriness and light sensitivity for hours.

"This is a major improvement in detecting eye disease or damage to the retina," said Marcie Arnesty-Olian, O.D., owner of Borel Eye Doctors. Her San Mateo office was selected by the Scotland-based Optos Company to be one of the first optometric practices in the world to offer the revolutionary laser scanning technology called Optomap.

Looking at the retina helps doctors detect eye disorders such as glaucoma and detached retinas, and systemic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, which can be treated if identified early enough. The retina is a thin layer of tissue that lines the inside of the eye.

"With this new scanner," explained Dr. Arnesty-Olian, "Borel Eye Doctors has detected several abnormalities faster and more precisely than ever before, not only eye disease, but also other medical conditions," She added, "One of our patients came in with sudden flashes of light and floaters. In seconds we could tell her retina was completely intact and that she was not having a retinal detachment. Using this scanner we saved a lot of time without having to dilate the patient's eyes in making that important assessment and quickly gave the patient peace of mind," Dr. Arnesty-Olian said.

Dilation with drops locks the pupils open so the optometrist can see the retina. The drops take up to 30 minutes to work. After the exam, the opened retina leaves the patient's eyes sensitive to light for two to four hours, which can blur close-up vision.

"Because the images are stored permanently on the Optomapē computer at Borel Eye Doctors, they now have the ability to produce and email these images to other doctors, offering a tremendous advance in overall healthcare for patients," said Dr. Arnesty-Olian.

Several hundred Borel Eye Doctors' patients from ages 6 to 89 have already had their eyes scanned and the FDA-approved technology appears to be a boon for some people, particularly those who postpone exams because they don‚t want to get their eyes dilated. "It was just like someone taking my picture, said San Carlos resident Lori Gibson. "In a second I saw an amazing color photograph of my eye on the monitor and the doctor and I talked about it together. I found it fascinating and a lot better than getting my eyes dilated with those stinging drops."

Borel Eye Doctors, Optometry with Vision, is a state-licensed optometric practice, established in 1987, and a member of the American and California Optometric Associations. The practice specializes in solving eye problems for computer users and contact lens wearers. Dr. Marcie Arnesty-Olian received the distinguished 2001 Bay Area Businesswoman of the Year awarded by the American Business Women‚s Association.

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