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A private research firm conducted patient phone interviews at random. Over 400 individuals were interviewed from the population of all patients who have been seen at the practice over the past three years. Names and interviews were conducted with no knowledge, approval or involvement of Borel Eye Doctors.

  1. On a scale of where 100 is a perfect score, Borel Eye Doctors received an overall 98% patient satisfaction score.
  2. Overall patient satisfaction: 100%
  3. Complaint status: 100% - no complaints
  4. Loyalty and recommendation: 100%
  5. Areas of improvement: 99%

The following sampling of verbatim comments from patients are as follows:
(Names were not revealed for privacy purposes. A copy of the certified patient survey is on file).

What do you like best about Borel Eye Doctors, Optometry with Vision™?
  1. They are reliable, they follow up, and they are nice to deal with.
  2. They are professional and their offices are nice.
  3. Everyone there is energetic and friendly.
  4. They are very helpful and friendly.
  5. When I order glasses they always arrive ahead of schedule.
  6. Their thoroughness on exams is also greatly appreciated.
  7. Dr. Olian listens to me.
  8. They have done a great job with my 7-year old daughter.
  9. Their office was very comfortable and the wait time was very short.
  10. They are just the best.
  11. The doctor I see is great.
  12. They are very competent and efficient.
  13. I like their technology and care.
  14. I've been going to her for thirty years and I just like the professionalism.
  15. I think it just comes down to convenience.
  16. I personally love Dr. Arnesty-Olian.
  17. I like the selection of glasses.
  18. I refer them to everyone I know.
  19. My husband went in for a routine test and Dr. Arnesty-Olian foudn the beginnings of glaucoma. Even his own eye doctor didn't catch it.
  20. It's a friendly place to go and I'm very satisfied that I'm getting the best care.
  21. The staff is very helpful, and they have really helped me in the past to find the best frames to fit the shape of my face.
  22. I like Dr. Arnesty-Olian. She is responsive and personable. I only go in once a year, but every time I do, we talk like friends. I also like her staff. they are always the same people, which shows that she treats her staff well.
  23. Their accuracy, detail and follow up.
  24. They were on time.
  25. Their accuracy, detail and follow up.
  26. I liked the fact that they got me into the right pair of glasses.
  27. Everybody in the office is helpful and patient.
  28. Everyone in the office really knows what they are doing.
  29. They have a warm, friendly attitude.
  30. I feel I can talk to them about anything.
What do you think Borel Eye Doctors could do to improve?
  1. Offer more magazines.
  2. I don't know, I have been going there several years and they are wonderful.
  3. I am happy with everything they do know. They don't need to change.
  4. They should just keep up the good work. Everything they do is fine.
  5. Nothing.
  6. I don't know where they could improve. they are excellent in my book.
  7. Offer several different kinds of candy.
  8. They could use more advertising.
  9. The only thing that I can think of that they don't do is make house calls.
  10. I really couldn't tell you.
  11. Charge less.
  12. I can't think of a thing.

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