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Doctor’s office visits can include:

  • Immediate treatment of red eye from injury with severe pain
  • Immediate treatment of contact lens wearers with severe red eye or pain
  • Immediate treatment of any visual disturbances: painless decrease of vision or seeing floaters, flashes or spider webs
  • Immediate treatment of any blunt trauma to the eye with lid swelling or pain when moving eyes side to side
  • Immediate treatment for extreme light sensitivity, progressively worsening ocular pain or a constant burning eye sensation
  • Treatment of eye infection, eye abrasion, and eye irritations
  • Treatment of Allergy eye, itchy eyes, discharging eyes, red eyes
  • Tearing eyes with discomfort or foreign body sensation
  • Removal of foreign objects from the eye
  • Concerns with recent onset of double or distorted vision, new development of floaters without flashes
  • Concerns of any decrease in vision either distance or near
  • Concerns of Lid twitching or fluttering
  • Problems with contact lenses, glasses prescriptions, lost or broken spectacles with no back-up pair

Eyeglasses ordering and frame selection:

Premium lenses are an essential part of making you see and look your best. In addition, our frames inventory is second to none...
  • Opticians and OD’s available for patient frame selection and lens ordering. No appointment necessary.
  • Our vast selection of the latest frames and sunglasses are in stock for viewing and carefully selected to fit your fashionable, functional and lifestyle needs regardless of your budget
  • All eyeglass lens options and upgrades fully explained by opticians
  • Samples of lens options in stock for viewing. We carry lenses from all of the leading ophthalmic lens manufacturers such as Zeiss, Essilor, Sola, Varilux, Transitions, VSP Unity and Shamir.
  • All orders filled from a current eyeglass prescription
  • For one year our frames and six months our lenses are warranted for everything but loss.

Frame adjustment and repairs:

  • Lose a screw? Come by our office and have our staff replace it on the spot.
  • Bring in any pair of your eyeglasses. Our adjustments on bent frames and out of alignment glasses are complimentary!
  • Nose pads cracking, uncomfortable or missing? We can help with that too!
  • Ordering of replacement parts when possible (temples, frame fronts, lenses, tips). If we carry the vendor, and the frame is still available we can help!

Large inventory of up to date eyeglasses and sunglasses for women, men, children and hard-to-fit individuals

Outstanding service, people and frames!!! ~ Nancy K.

To make an appointment for an office visit or to see the doctor about your vision questions, call us at 650-570-5955 and experience first-hand, Optometry with Vision

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